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"Why look for skin products around the world when I found exactly what I needed right here in my own beautiful Country? It's a new, all-natural dermo-cosmetic line and most importantly - it works, I love it , and the fact that it hails from Sardinia makes me appreciate it even more. Good luck to these young researchers."

enrica pintore attrice

Enrica Pintore



"I found your serums to be excellent, so much so to include them in my daily skin care, your products you have won my trust"

Coco et La vie en rose moda & beauty – Valeria Arizzi

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"Finally - high quality products without the usual false promises of advertising and marketing in the cosmetic industry!!"

Matteo Maraschi



"I use SOSTANTIA like after-sun or aftershave and it's excellent, it dries in a moment and it's not greasy. Great!"

Pier Paolo Arru



"Finally the perfect product for my skin that is allergic to everything, I recommend it to all people with sensitive skin."

Silvia Deriu
Amazon buyer


"I discovered you thanks to a dear friend of mine. I have been using both of your serums for about a month and they pass the test, as do your immediate and precise feedback to my requests for information. The formula, that has a base of hyaluronic acid is excellent. Both serums have a pleasing texture are absorbed immediately. My skin thanks you: I now have more toned skin with more vitality, and with more even coloring. I am very satisfied and I look forward with eager anticipation to new products: when will there be something specific for around the eyes? THANK YOU!"

Silvia Di Tommaso


"An italian friend of mine told me about this awesome product!! At first i was a little concerned about shipping because of living in another country, I have to admit that everything went perfectly with the international shipping. The serum also is great!"

Regina Peyroteo
Lisbon - Portugal


 "Absolutely the best serums I ever tried!"

Vincenzo Giordano
London, UK