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siero viso anti ossidante
SOSTANTIA ANTI-OX siero viso antiossidante all'acido ialuronico 50ml
SOSTANTIA ANTI-OX siero viso antiossidante anti-age all'acido ialuronico


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SOSTANTIA ANTI-OXFace serum with a pleasant and delicate consistency that exerts a deep moisturizing and antioxidant effect, essential to prevent and slow the signs of aging. Its innovative patented formula is able to increase the antioxidant activity of vitamin E which protects the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals, the main cause of skin aging.

The synergic action of hyaluronic acid and vitamin E makes the skin smooth and regenerated from the very first applications.Thanks to its soothing and essential composition, free of surfactants, dyes and perfumes, is suitable even for sensitive skins.

SOSTANTIA ANTI-OX with hyaluronic Acid and vitamin E

SOSTANTIA ANTI-OX, regularly applied on the face, exerts an intensive hydrating and antioxidant action due to the synergy between hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. Tocopherols (Vitamin E and its derivatives) are able to hinder the reactivity of free radicals usually produced by the action of UV rays, smoke and smog. The resulting oxidative damage is responsible for both the degradation of the skin fatty acids and the alteration of collagen structure, resulting in loss of elasticity and consequent wrinkles formation.

Vitamin E in free form (Tocopherol) is a molecule very well known for its antioxidant properties, but it is also known that the free form is highly sensitive, so difficult to use as such in dermatology. Tocopheryl Acetate is one of the more stable and commonly used Tocopherol derivate despite a lower antioxidant activity if compared with free tocopherol, due to its lower affinity for cell membranes. SOSTANTIA ANTI-OX, through its innovative formulation system, is able to potentiate the antioxidant activity of Tocopheryl Acetate, promoting and enhancing the affinity for cell membranes. The patented (RM2014A000687) lipid-polymeric vesicular system based on hyaluronic acid and soy phospholipids is moreover completely biocompatible. Furthermore the deep skin hydration mediated by hyaluronic acid, key component of the whole SOSTANTIA cosmetic line, is able of enhancing the activity of the new system. 

SOSTANTIA ANTI-OX, face serum with a pleasant and delicate texture, exerts its antioxidant action reducing stress and fatigue signs. It gives the skin the right degree of hydration that results in a velvety and regenerated skin even after the first applications. Thanks to its soothing properties and essential composition, free of surfactants, dyes and perfumes, it is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Suggestions of use and storage

Apply a few drops of SOSTANTIA ANTI-OX on the face and neck once or twice a day, massaging well into wrinkles and sagging areas of the skin until it is completely absorbed. The absolutely pleasant texture of SOSTANTIA ANTI-OX makes it suitable to replace a daily cream treatment. 

With its proven soothing properties, SOSTANTIA ANTI-OX action is also effective in case of cutaneous stress due to beauty treatments (hair removal, peeling, etc.), from the weather (prolonged exposure to sun, cold and wind) and also in man shaving irritation, supporting the natural regenerative processes of the skin.

For best results the treatment in combination with serum SOSTANTIA ANTI-AGE is recommended.

Shake before use and store in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources. Since this is a dispersion (polymer-lipid microparticles dispersed in gel), the presence of apparently non-homogeneous areas doesn’t compromise the quality of the product, because they are related to an intrinsic and reversible behaviour of the formulation.

ICNODERM laboratories follow the highest quality and safety standards according to the requirements of UNI EN ISO 22716:2008 (Cosmetics GMP) guidelines. Furthermore according to CE regulation N. 1223/2009 during the manufacturing process of all SOSTANTIA products no animal tests nor raw materials deriving from animals have been used.

Nichel tested


Ingredients (INCI):

Aqua, Glycerin, Lecithin, Tocopheryl Acetate, Sodium Hyaluronate,  Myrtus communis oil, Sodium Benzoate, Phenoxyethanol

Size 3,6x3,6x16 cm
Bottle 50ml frosted Glass with airless dosing dispenser

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Ottimo prodotto

Ha una consistenza leggera ma molto idratante, ideale per la mia pelle che tende al lucido. Si sente un effetto tensore molto piacevole. La uso la sera in abbinamento con SOSTANTIA Repair, la mia pelle ringrazia. Sono molto soddifatta.


Mai più senza questo siero, la pelle lo assorbe benissimo e non mi crea nessun problema allergico(ho la pelle particolarmente sensibile). Quel leggero sentore di mirto richiama i profumi della macchia mediterranea e anche questo è un motivo di piacere, mi riavvicina all'isola. Prodotto eccellente. Ottima anche la gestione relazionale di Icnoderm. Ripeto, mai più senza.

Siero incredibile!

Ho usato questo siero al posto della crema viso durante l'estate con risultati stupefacenti! Ridotte le rughe d'espressione, migliorato il colorito e la morbidezza della mia pelle. In più si assorbe in un lampo e non ho sofferto il fastidioso "effetto serra" che le altre creme mi provocavano facendomi sudare tutto il tempo dall'applicazione! Ora che comincia la stagione fredda la uso come base per la crema giorno.
Un prodotto incredibile!


Utilizzo il siero da qualche mese. Ho la pelle molto secca, l’effetto delle creme idratanti dura solo poche ore ma con il vostro siero rimane morbida sino a sera, donandomi un’aspetto più fresco! Grazie

Il giusto alleato anche per pelli mature.

Il giusto alleato anche per pelli mature. Ha una consistenza leggera ma che mantiene la pelle elastica e idratata a lungo. Lo uso ormai ogni sera da diversi mesi, come base per la crema notte, e la pelle risulta visibilmente più fresca. Sono molto soddifatta.

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